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Health products Survey

a) Yes
b) No

 a) Vegetarian (May contain dairy or eggs)
 b) Vegan (Contains no animal products)
 c) Gluten free / wheat free

 a) Sugar free desserts
 b) Vegan desserts (contains no animal products)
 c) Gluten free / wheat free
 d) Baked products

 a) Cold pressed Vegetable and Fruit juices
 b) 100% bottled Grape Juice
 c) "Nature's Choice" Health Foods
 d) Soya Milk Powder
 e) Rice Milk Powder
 f) Healthy snacks
 g) Honey
 h) Nuts and seeds
 i) Medicinal Natural supplements

a) Daily
b) 2 - 4 days per week
c) Once a week
d) Once a month

 a) In store
 b) Online for collection
 c) Delivered

 a) Monthly Food Event on 1st Sunday of the month.
 b) Attend a Cooking class on Vegetarian or Vegan meals.
 c) Volunteer to assist in Healthshop.

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